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  • What is the price range of your bridal gowns?

    • We carry bridal gowns across different designers and price points from $1800-$6000. 80% of our gowns are between $2000 - $ 4000. We do have sample sale dresses for sale off the rack starting from $1000 but please NOTE sample sale dresses are generally size 6/8. Please indicate your budget when making an appointment so that we can choose dresses that fit your budget. All our Pronovias, Nicole Suppose and Essense of Australia bridal gowns are currently sold online only as part of our online sample sale. For more information check out the Shop tab.

  • What size are the gowns in your store?

    • Our dresses range in size from bridal size 8-18. However, keep in mind that bridal designs are typically about 2 sizes smaller than your regular dress size. For example, if you wear a size 2, you may wear 6 or 8 in bridal designs.

  • Do you carry any dresses that can be purchased “off the rack”?

    • Yes, we do have a big selection of dresses that are available for purchase “as is” off the rack. The off the rack selection cannot be ordered so we are limited to the styles and sizes that are in the store. Off the rack dresses are typically sized between bridal size 8 - 14. However we do have a few designers that can ship quickly if you are a last minute bride, so fret not, we always have a solution for you.

  • Do you offer custom-designed/custom-made bridal gowns?

    • Yes, we work with an expert dress-maker who focus solely on custom made bridal gowns & veils. If you can’t find a dress you are perfectly happy with, please show us your dream designs and we’ll make it happen :)

  • Do you offer Alterations services in-house? Do you alter dresses purchased elsewhere?

    • Yes, we currently have 2 seamstresses we work with exclusively, whose work we stand behind. Both our seamstresses are custom dress-makers as well, so we are able to offer creative solutions for your dresses (things like adding sleeves, changing necklines, rebuilding backs etc)  We recommend starting your alterations approximately 3 - 4 months prior to your wedding. Alterations less than 1 month will incur rush fees. We are happy to help with your alterations even if you didn't purchase your dress from us, however there is an additional $100 external dress fee.

    • If you meet with our seamstress but decide to get the dress altered elsewhere after the quote, there will be a $100 pinning/unpinning charge. 

  • When should I purchase my wedding dress?

    • It’s best to purchase your dress 8-10 months before the date of your wedding. This will allow time for your dress to be delivered (it can take up to 6 months from the date of order for dresses to be delivered) and give time for alterations which can take another 3-4 months. However, there are off the rack options for those brides who want to purchase dresses on the spot. (see below for more information on our “off the rack” policy)

  • Do you accept Walk Ins?

    • No, Fleurish LA is strictly by appointment only. You can use the “Book Appointment” option to book a private 1 hour 15 min appointment with one of our expert bridal stylist who are ready to help you find and purchase the dress of your dreams. Please use the “Notes” section to enter such details as your size, budget and any particulars about the type of dress you are looking for. If you are searching for a specific dress from a specific designer, please include the style # or name. 

  • How many people can I bring to my appointment? Are kids allowed? 

    • In order to properly serve you, we recommend that no more than 3 people accompany our #Fleurishbride during the bridal appointment. This is “YOUR” moment! It is easy to become overwhelmed by too many opinions. We encourage brides to keep the appointments intimate so that you can really tap into your desires and find the perfect dress for you.

    • If you would like to bring more than 4 guests, please book the VIP Bridal Party appointment (more details there). 

    • In general, we strongly advise you not to bring children under the age of 14 to a bridal store. Your wedding gown choice is one of the most important you will make for your wedding, children running around and crying babies can distract you and other future brides on this important day. 

  • What do I do with the dress after the wedding? 

    • We recommend bringing it back to us for dry cleaning right after your wedding. If the dress is lightly stained and need minor dry cleaning we send it to our local dry cleaning vendor, however if the stains has set in (or severely stained), we will have to send it to our preservation specialist out of state which will return the dress in approximately 8 weeks. 

    • We also offer a dry cleaning + preservation package that organically dry cleans the dress and guarantees against any discoloration for 100 years. 

  • How much do bridal gown alterations cost?

    • Standard alterations which include tightening bust, waist, hips, hemming and bustling usually runs around $800.  Complicated hems (which involve removing appliques, hem and placing the appliques back) usually costs more.  Gowns with beading and pearl corsets/details tend to costs more since individual beads are removed and placed back as part of the alteration process.  If you are in between a few sizes in fitted/mermaid dress, estimate up to $1000 for alterations since your alterations will involve un-doing side seams to rebuild parts of the dress. ​

    • In 2024, $800 - $1200 is a good range to budget for alterations. 

    • Bridal seamstresses with decades of skills are increasingly hard to find. If you ever wonder about the cost of alterations, we encourage you to read this article in the New York Times highlighting the shortage problem in the bridal industry:

Returns & Exchanges - Please note that all sales are final.

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