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Customizable Wedding Dresses as Unique as your Love Story


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At Fleurish L.A., we believe your wedding day should feel like the truest expression of your love. Our collection of customizable minimalist chic and dreamy romantic dresses are thoughtfully curated to complement your individual essence, style, and vision—not the idea of what you "should" be. After all, feeling like yourself should be the most effortless thing in the world, right?

To this end, our owner has traveled the world to source designers who allow full customizations of their dresses to suit each brides' unique vision.  We also work with two in-house seamstresses who are both couture custom dress-makers. Bring your vision and see how they bring it to life!

On May 28, 2022, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. We also moved to a slightly hidden urban oasis in the midst of Sawtelle (Little Osaka). We are super excited to welcome you to our light filled dreamy studio which oozes serenity and peaceful optimism. Our goal is to create a safe space for you to bare your soul as you look toward the future (your dream wedding day!) In case you are stressed out by wedding planning, our resident therapy dog @zenwithxander will be here to greet and calm you down with his friendly tail wags and belly rub requests. 

Lastly, for every wedding dress sold, Fleurish L.A. donates a prom dress to a high-school girl in need through our partnership with the L.A. Unified School District.  As each bride transitions into the next phase of her life as a wife and or mother, Fleurish L.A. believes in sharing that joy via gifting a deserving girl in our community to help her flourish into womanhood, rounding out a beautiful cycle of femininity. Our owner firmly believes that love begets love, and profit without purpose is meaningless. ​

If our heartfelt mission resonates, we'd be honored to assist on your bridal journey. Our stylists look forward to helping you find a dress as effortlessly chic, wildly romantic, and uniquely you as your love story deserves. Book your appointment now to get started!

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