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Upcoming Trunkshows 


Don Francis

Rebecca Schoneveld
3/30/23 - 4/6/23

We are so excited to be the first and only store in California to carry Rebecca Schoneveld. Her focus on unique fabrics sourced from Europe but made in NY, with a deeply feminine touch within classic silhouettes really resonate with our vibes. 10% off all  trunkshow purchases.

Price Range: $3300 - $ 6000

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Chic Nostalgia Ayla.jpeg

Ashley Jones

Tara Lauren

4/7/23 - 4/16/23

Sexy. Dramatic. Glam. Prepare to sail into your happily ever after with Tara Lauren's 2023 collection! This collection features unique color embroidery and beading, perfect for that SoCal wedding, as always.

Price Range: $2200 - $ 3500

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Tess Brown

Rachel Rose 

7/28/23 - 8/6/23

This summer, we bring you Rachel Rose's latest "The Moment" Collection - bold corset juxtaposed against minimalistic designs, unique embroidered lace. Curvy brides looking to for that sexy dramatic look? This collection is for you!

Price Range: $2500 - $5000

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